GACC Cancels Entry/Exit Inspection and Quarantine Clearance Declarations

In order to promote trade facilitation, since June 1, the General Administration of Customs has overall cancelled the Entry/Exit Inspection and Quarantine Clearance Declarations. Such Clearance Declarations were issued by former Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine agencies on the commodities subject to statutory inspection and quarantine to certify the completion in quarantine declaration formalities, and were used in connection with Customs process to prevent and strike the evasion of statutory inspection and quarantine.

After the entry-exit inspection and quarantine duties were integrated into Customs clearance, the Entry/Exit Inspection and Quarantine Clearance Declarations have lost their original functions and significance. Their cancellation can not only provide an immediate demonstration of customs-and-quarantine integration, but also increase enterprise gains by streamlining declaration formalities, reducing clearance procedures and costs, and speeding the release of goods. It is expected that more than 10% of import and export declarations will benefit from canceling the Clearance Declarations.


General Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine AQSIQ Organization

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