Customs and Quarantine Declarations Integrated for Enterprises with Transaction Only Once

From April 20, for enterprises registered or filed with the Customs, they will be qualified for both customs declaration and quarantine declaration. This is an important progress in the integration reform by assigning entry-exit inspection and quarantine duties and workforce to the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) in line with the Organizational Deepening Reform Plan by the CPC and the state.

According to GACC Announcement No. 28 2018, the reform and integration includes: integrating CIQ filing of self-help quarantine declarer and Customs filing of import consignee/export consignor into “Customs filing of import consignee/export consignor”; integrating CIQ filing of quarantine broker and Customs registration of broker or filing of broker subsidiary into “Customs registration of broker or filing of broker subsidiary”; integrating CIQ filing of quarantine declarant and Customs filing of declarant into “Customs filing of declarant”.

Enterprises and individuals could provide application information through the “Single Window” platform and submit application to local Customs operational sites to get the double qualifications for customs and quarantine declarations, thus achieving “single registration and single filing”, making registration and filing with the CIQ and the Customs respectively a history.

For enterprises, before the reform, that have already registered or filed with Customs and CIQ respectively, former qualifications will remain valid. For enterprises only registered or filed for either customs declaration or quarantine declaration, they could input additional information on the “Single Window” platform from June 1, and get the qualifications for both customs declaration and quarantine declaration.


General Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine AQSIQ Organization

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