2019-11-24 08:34:11

Wheatbran, Palm kernel and meal, palm fat meal, Coconut meal, Plant-based feedadditives, Fish meal and other aquatic animal protein, pet food, Harvest eggs,Cassava residue, Squid liver powder, Antarctic krill bait, Fermented soybeanmeal, Living Nereis (feed), Live River Shrimp (bait),Shrimp feed (aquaticanimal origin only), Fermented, expanded soybean cake and meal, Food for pig,Feeding dairy products, Corn wine dregs, Beet pulp, Fish meal and aquaticanimal protein feed, Alfalfa grass, Chicken, beef, mutton bone meal, Vitaminfeed additives, Butter, suet, Oat forage.



General Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine AQSIQ Organization

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