2019-11-24 08:34:31

Documentsrequired for raw cotton AQSIQ Certification:

1.Application Form for Provisional Registration of Overseas Supplier Enterprisesof Imported Scrap Materials;

2.Business registration documents

3.The plan and some photos of the permanent plant (including warehouse andprocessing locations) and office

4.Organizational structure, responsibilities of each departments;

5.Qualitycontrolling management system (operating manual/quality control documents)

6.Statementon environmental management system or certified certificate on environmentalmanagement systems;

7.Statement on the source of supply and environmental protection controlmeasures;

8.Statementon No major safety, hygienic and environmental protection quality problems havebeen found in the company in the last year.



General Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine AQSIQ Organization

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