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Publisher: Release Date: 2015-05-12 02:44:55

WAGO JIDOUSYAKAITAI CO.,LTD is a factory in Japan.They plan to export metal scrap to China. When they come to AQSIQ Organization, they knew that it needs AQSIQ certificate for Exporting. The situation is, WAGO do not have ISO9001 too. China Recycling Inspection Service Co.,Ltd has a cooperated ISO agency for more than 7 years. With our help, WAGO got ISO9001 without any audition. Next, AQSIQ Organization send documents required for AQSIQ application, when we got all documents from WAGO,we start our work and try to help them get AQSIQ certification in fastest time. Good news is WAGO got AQSIQ license on April 2015 successfully.

As Purchasing department Manager in WAGO said, i never thought that we can get AQSIQ certificate so easily.

Please kindly see the success screen print on AQSIQ system of WAGO

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