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AQSIQ Certificate Renewal Notice

Publisher: Release Date: 2015-05-29 09:33:18

Waste raw materials suppliers should renew AQSIQ Certificate 6 months in advance.

Documents required for AQSIQ Certificate renewal as below:

1. The user name and password of the electronic system 

from China AQSIQ Dept. (

Note:All enterprises has it's own user name and password of AQSIQ Certificate. Its created when you apply AQSIQ in the first time. As we know, lots of companies forgot password for some reasons, no worries, we will help you get the password back during the application.

2.Notarized business and Tax registration documents 

as well as the translation from Notary Public,Foreign Affairs Dept.,Or China Embassy.

Note: Before you take the documents to be notarized, please send the copy to us first, we will help you confirm that three information (Company name,company address and legal representative) will shown on your docs. It should be mailed with original one to us directly.

3.CCIC Certificates (Pre-shipment inspection certificates 

   for scrap materials) one for each item for the past three years.

Note: for example,if you have scrap types of waste plastics and waste paper on your AQSIQ Certificate, and your license will be expire on 31,12,2015. then you need to provide;

one ccic certificate for waste plastics and one for waste paper in 2013

one ccic certificate for waste plastics and one for waste paper in 2014

one ccic certificate for waste plastics and one for waste paper in 2015

So you need to provide 6 CCIC certificates to us in total.

4.Color copy of the AQSIQ certificate.

Note: Its a simple work for everyone.

5.The layout or floor plan marked with size and unit of the office 

    and processing yard(if any).

To make sure that your photos will show company name, company address,offices,machines (if you have)

*If the company name, company address or company 

legal representative of the supplier has been changed 

during the past three years.Please let us know. 

*If the applicant has any records for rejection of 

shipped cargoes during the past three years.Please let us know.




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