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Automatic and restricted scarp materials AQSIQ Registration

Publisher: Release Date: 2016-04-19 10:39:22

What kind of scrap materials can register China AQSIQ Certificate
(By Justin from China Recycling Inspection Service Co.,Ltd)
Difference between automatic materials and restricted materials AQSIQ certificate registration:
China has three divisions for overseas scrap materials, which is prohibited scrap materials, restricted waste materials, automatic recycling materials. Only your waste scrap belong to restricted and automatic materials, then can export to China.
Common restricted waste materials including:
Waste plastic, waste textile,mixed metal scrap,smelt slag,waste paper etc
Note: from 10/2015, all waste paper materials belong to restricted list
Common automatic materials including:
Metal scrap (waste copper, Iron and steel scrap,waste wood etc)
For overseas suppliers, you can register both automatic and restricted in one AQSIQ license
For Chinese importers:
If you import automatic materials, importers only need to register consignees AQSIQ,and can import from other countries directly. There is no importing amount limit for automatic materials, which means, importers can import as more as they can if the market is good.
If you import restricted materials, importers should apply AQSIQ license first, after getting AQSIQ license, should apply China waste materials import license, which also called importing permit license. China environmental Gov issues import license with annual amount limit, for example, one processing company in China can use 8000Ton waste plastic, then they can and will get import license with 8000Ton importing ability limited.
For overseas suppliers, no matter for automatic materials or restricted materials, documents required for AQSIQ license application is totally the same.
For more about China waste materials license certification, please consult to us . or visit

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