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We finalized AQSIQ guidance for XIUZHOU paper

Publisher: Release Date: 2017-03-25 09:28:06

On 24/03/2017, our expert Xiping Chen came to JiaXing city, ZheJiagn Province, to provide AQSIQ information training for Zhejiang XiuZhou Paper Co.,Ltd. (With their bro union       company ZheJiang XingZhou Paper Co.,Ltd). During the day, we helped them prepared all documents needed for consignee aqsiq application onsite inspection.

According to Chinese laws, Chinese buyers have to get consignee AQSIQ , then can import scrap materials from other countries. XiuZhou paper is a very famous factory in local and want to import waste paper from USA and Japan, this time they entrust us for all license business during the business.

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