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The institute is called AQSIQ (The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine) and grants approval for imports of a wide range of products. Moreover, it controls inspections, quality controls and has a great power in decision making. 

AQSIQ’s function and structure

As an exporter, it’s crucial to be aware of the organs that control quality standards and certifications in the country where you export your products. AQSIQ is one of the major quality management institutes that every exporter should be aware before they ship goods to China.

In short words, AQSIQ is one of the major organizations that works with entry/exit inspections of goods, food safety for imports and exports, certifications and standardizations in China. The institute is governed under the State Council of the People’s Republic of China and controls other major subsidiary bodies.

The organization is big and consists of 19 departments, 15 direct affiliates and 10 associations. Almost 130000 people work within the organization, a number comparable with many companies listed on the Fortune 500 list. For your reference, I listed some of the 19 departments that operates within AQSIQ below:

•The department of Quality Management. 

•The department of Supervision on Health Quarantine. 

•The department of Legislation. 

•The bureau of Import and Export Food Safety. 

•The bureau of Special Equipment Safety Supervision. 

•The department of Supervision on Product Quality. 

•The department of Supervision on Food Production. 

•The department of Law Enforcement and Supervision. 

•The department of International Cooperation (WTO affairs)

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