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AQSIQ and CCIC Inspection for waste material

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Inspection for waste materials(waste plastic,waste paper,metal scrap,mixed metal scrap etc)
When you got China AQSIQ license, then you can apply CCIC for exporting to China. CCIC agency will come to your company for waste material inspection, only your scraps quality with China GB Standard, then they will issue CCIC for you.
Question is what will they inspect for your waste scraps?
Waste plastic as example
Inclusion test
Inclusion testing methods: Bulk land transportation of waste materials by more than 5% of the test each batch of goods quality randomly, to extract the sample and implementation of sorting, said before implementation of sorting out the quality of the sample, after sorting according to the inclusion of quality, to identify and calculated.
Banned mixed inclusion of the inspection, strict inclusion test, limit other inclusion inspection standards refer to the following standards:
(1) Do not allow to appear the inclusions in the waste plastics which prohibited in China, such as radioactive waste, abandoned bomb, and shell and other explosive arms and ammunition, waste included PCB, identified as hazardous waste material according to GB5085 and other wastes in “The National Hazardous Waste List”.
Inspection of strictly limited inclusions
(1)Waste plastics mingled with following inclusions, the total weight exceeds imported waste plastics  weight by 0.01%. Such as asbestos waste or waste containing asbestos; waste plastics which burned or partly burned; waste plastics which polluted by extinguishing agent; waste photographic material;airtight container;It can fully explain that it is difficult to avoid mixing with other hazardous waste during production, collection, packaging and transportation of imported waste plastics.
Inspection of other limited inclusion
(1)Other inclusion in waste and scrap of plastics (including waste woods, metal scraps, waste glass, thermosetting plastics, waste rubber, plastic film or plastic products covered by metal layer, etc.), the total weight exceeds that of imported waste and scraps of plastics by 0.5%.
Other special regulation
(1) Imported used plastic containers have not broken and cleaned to no obvious peculiar smell and stain;
(2) Container, pipes or debris of them, which contain liquid or semi-solid dangerous chemical material, has not been totally cleaned.
(3) the total weight of included powder wastes(smelting slag, fly ash ) in nonferrous metal scrap should not exceed 0.1% of the imported nonferrous metal scrap.
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