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CCIC License--Pre-shipment Inspection of Recycling Scraps for China

AQSIQ Certificate/CCIC License--Pre-shipment Inspection of Recycling Scraps for China
According to the regulations under the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Import & Export Commodity Inspection, the AQSIQ has decided to authorize certain inspection companies to carry out pre-shipment inspection of recycling materials at the loading ports overseas, with the attempt to reinforce the management and supervision of imported recycling materials, protect the environment and people’s health, ensure the safety of industrial and agricultural production,. Overseas Suppliers have to get China AQSIQ Certificate, then can apply CCIC License
China Recycling Inspection Service Co.,Ltd, is one of the authorized companies which carry out relevant AQSIQ Registration application in China
Inspection application procedure:
1,Please make online application through PSI Electronic System, , and submit to CCIC  at least three working days prior to the scheduled container loading and goods packing time. It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide complete and accurate information for each inspection and assist CCIC  to arrange inspection efficiently.
2,If the application were accepted, a Confirmation of Application for Pre-shipment Inspection which includes PSI application number and the contact details of the appointed inspector will be quoted to the applicant. If the application were rejected, an Application Rejection form will be sent to the applicant.
3,The inspector to carry out the on-site inspection according to the time and address in the application.
4,When the cargos pass the inspection, CCIC will email or fax the applicant a certificate draft generated by PSI system with the container and seal photos as well as the packing list provided by the applicant.When all details are correct and confirmed by you, we will send out the original certificate.
5,A Rejection Letter will be issued to the applicant with a tax invoice when the cargos can’t pass the inspection. Invoice amount is calculated according to current Inspection Rates for Scrap Materials, full charged on the basis of container quantity declared on the application form.
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