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Pre-shipment Inspection of Scrap Materials

Q:Which agent can help us deal with China AQSIQ and CCIC issues ?
A:AQSIQ Organization,China Recycling Inspection Service Co.,Ltd

Q: Is it the case that only AQSIQ license holders based in Australia can apply to CCIC Australia for pre-shipment inspection certificates for scrap materials usable as raw materials?
A: No. Any overseas scrap material supplier with a valid AQSIQ license is allowed to make inspection applications to CCIC Australia, as long as the scrap material is originated in the Australia.

Q: Being the consignee of a certain shipment of scrap materials, can I contact CCIC for the certificate related to the shipment?
A: Only overseas suppliers of scrap materials with valid AQSIQ licenses can act as applicants for CCIC certificates for pre-shipment inspections of scrap materials. For the sake of client confidentiality, CCIC Australia would not accept inquiries made by any other third party to a specific application without prior consent of the applicant.

Q: What documents are required for a successful application of CCIC inspection certificate?
A: After the loading process is completed please send the completed Self-inspection Report (together with the Inspection Record, which is part of the report) and Bill of Lading to CCIC Australia. Upon receipt of the documents a draft certificate will be sent back for approval within 3 working days. The applicant should then contact CCIC either to approve the draft, or demand further amendments. In the meantime please send loading photos to CCIC where photos will be archived for checking against approved draft certificates. An original certificate will be released only after all the above-mentioned documents are provided.

Q: How should I fill in the Self-inspection Report?
A: Self-inspection report is a form designed by CCIC, on whose basis a draft certificate will be made. The applicant should pay special attention to the Shipper area and avoid putting down name of the shipping line. Instead, what is needed in the area is name of the AQSIQ license holder. Also, capitalized letters should be used for container and seal numbers. An electronic version of the inspection record is needed to facilitate the draft process. An un-signed or unstamped report will not be accepted.

Q: What are your requirements on loading photos?
A: Our requirements on loading photos are as follows:
At least two photos for each container, one for half loading, showing clearly the material and the other one for full loading, with the door half closed so that the container number can be seen clearly;
The photos must not be in black and white;
The photos must have a resolution of no smaller than 640X480.

Q: Does the applicant still need to provide loading photos, even when inspectors from CCIC Australia have conducted site inspections?
A: Yes. CCIC Australia requires loading photos for each and every application, regardless of site inspections.

Q: How can the applicant check progress of a specific application?
A: The applicant can check the progress at any point of the application. They can do so either by contacting us, or by logging into the PSI system and finding it out by themselves. The exact procedure for the latter is as follows: log into the menu page, click on ‘application inquiry/amendment’, key in the application number and wait for the result. If the result reads “result submitted (passed)”, it means a draft certificate has already been made. If the result reads “printed” it means an original certificate has been printed.

Q: I have received the original certificate and spotted some mistakes. What should I do now?
A: If you need to amend an original certificate you need to contact us so that we can make amendments and then issue a replacement for you. Due to system configurations, some amendments cannot be made straight away and you may need to make a new application in the PSI system. For more details please contact CCIC

Q: Is it possible to amend the description of the scrap category on the certificate?
A: Unfortunately no, as all descriptions of scrap category are pre-set in the PSI system.

Q: What should I do if I have the original certificate lost or damaged after receiving it from CCIC ?
A: In that case you need to send us a formal letter explaining how the original certificate gets lost or damaged. CCIC Australia may need to cancel the lost or damaged certificate electronically in the PSI system and issue a replacement for you, after you make a replacement application. Certain fees will incur. For more details please contact CCIC.

Q: How can I have items such as weight or destination port amended?
A: Items such as weight or destination port are not displayed on CCIC certificates. If you need to amend any of those information, please contact us so that we can get it done in the PSI electronic system.

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