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CCIC Certificate pre shipment inspection of recyclable solid waste

CCIC Certificate pre shipment inspection of recyclable solid waste Materials
The process to get CCIC License as below:
1,Please go to PSI first and register online. After registration you will be provided with a BI number. Please write this number on the pre shipment inspection form after: application number. It is important, that the online content and the written form are identical.
Note: For getting this BI number, you have to register China AQSIQ License,there are two way to solve AQSIQ certificate problems:
Apply AQSIQ license by us for your own company
Using our AQSIQ Certificate for temporary
2,Applicant ( name of the applicant)
2.1.     AQSIQ No (licence number) Please fill in your licence number.
2.2.    Applicant Name (name of the applicant) Please fill in your company name corresponding to the AQSIQ licence.
2.3.    Add/Country – please fill in your complete address and country. If the address changes, please inform the AQSIQ immediately. Only if the address on the AQSIQ certificate is changed, we can adjust other relevant documents.
2.4.    Contact person – phone and fax
Trade goods
3.1.    Please give a detailed list of the content of the solid waste, according to the requirements in the form description of goods (in case of the strict regulations on paper waste, please fill in the concrete type of paper, e.g. OCC 90/10)
3.2.    HS Code
3.3.    Located place of products
3.4.    Quantity and mass
3.5.    Delivery and arrival port
3.6.    Detailed address of inspection ( Generally speaking, a change in inspection address is invalid)
After the findings are approved by our authorised signatory, our company will inform you about the findings via email.
Issue of the Inspection Certificate
The certificate will be issued after inspection and after the customer handed in all relevant documents.
After all documents are complete, our company feeds the data into the PSI system and issues a draft certificate. This draft-certificate will be send to the customer via email. The customer has to confirm the certificate and add its postal address.
The customer receives its original certificate.
The period of validity is 90 days

CCIC Application

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