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China CCIC license of exported scrap materials to china

Instruction for pre-shipment inspection of exported scrap materials to china
Dear sir:
According to the regulation of china, the scrap materials exported to china must to be inspected pre –shipment, CCIC has responsibility for the inspection and issue certificate .For your benefit, please be informed as follows:
1.Supplier enterprise of exported scrap materials to china must have the license of registration issued by AQSIQ, and the cargo must out of which is limited to china.
Please send the application Number . applicant form and material photo together to our office
2.If the cargo is in U.A.E(as example), please send e-mail of the filled form “application” (be attached) and the photo of materials to CCIC . Before one day of loading.
If the cargo is out of U.A.E(as example)., please contacting us before enough time for visa.
3.Inspector from CCIC inspects the cargo in the supplier’s warehouse according to environmental protection control standard for imported scrap material by china. If the cargo is in conformity with the standard, supervision of loading, recording the container no. and sealed no., taking photos.
4.If the cargo is not in conformity with the standard, not be permitted to china.
5.Please send the B/L. Application No. and photos to CCIC after loading for issuing certificate.
6.Payment and obtain certificate.
7.6.  During loading customer should also take their own photos as per our company's policy as follows:
(1)  photo of cargo (at least 3 photos of the material for each container) 
(2)  photo of empty container
(3)  photo of container left door is open to show the cargo inside and right door closed to show the container number. 
(4)  photo of container door fully closed  
(5)  photo of seal Number.

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