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Cotton AQSIQ

Raw cotton enterprises suppliers also need to be registered AQSIQ.

To strengthen the supervision and administration of inspection and quarantine of imported raw cotton, 

prevent imported raw cotton from selling seconds at best quality prices, 

and trade fraud such as doping adulteration, to ensure the quality of imported cotton,

according to the law of the People's Republic of China on import and export commodity inspection 

and its implementation regulations, China AQSIQ Department has decided to 

implement registration management on overseas raw cotton suppliers.

Here are the documents required for AQSIQ Application for Raw Cotton:

1.Application Form

2.The commercial registration documents which are effective and legal (photocopy)

3.The basic materials for suppliers production, operation and quality control,

cotton quality testing system,measurement equipment calibration system.

4.Responsibilities of organization, department and position

5.Documents of stable operation place or processing place (plane chart)

6.Commitments of cotton quality control (sources of supply and suppliers commitments of quality control )

7.The statement of no serious quality problems, no harmful substances,

no record of serious consequences during trading activities last year

8.Applier proof for the way of supplier quality control. 

9.The imports cotton-related inspection and quarantine laws and regulations in China.

What documents required for applicants?

As an AQSIQ agent, we will help you prepare related documents for the application,but you have to provide:

1,Raw cotton AQSIQ certificate application form

2,Raw cotton test report from third testing agency

3,Copy of Business License

4,Photos of your offices (Processing sites if you have )

5,The process of how to pack raw cotton (What materials used for packing,the weight of each package etc)

6,Other detailed documents prepared by us.

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