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ISO9001 and AQSIQ Certification

AQSIQ Certificate and ISO9001 Certificate
According to China Regulations and laws, waste materials suppliers have to get ISO9001 before AQSIQ application.
For example,if you want to register waste plastic on your AQSIQ license, then the scope of your ISO9001 license
have to including processing or trading of waste plastic
Lets see how to apply ISO9001 certification before China AQSIQ application
Benefits of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Certification:-
1. Increased Efficiency
2. Increased in Revenue
3. Good Employee Morale
4. International Recognition
5. Factual Approach to Decision Making
6. Supplier Relationships
7. Improvements in Documentation
8. Consistency of Processes
9. Improving Customer Satisfaction Level
10. Improvement of Processes
Certification Process
I. Application for assessment – All the necessary information will have to be first provided by you. Then, it will be followed by a quote from us.
A) Quote & Application – The application process will only begin after your organization agreed to the quotations, all the terms and conditions, the certification assessment dates,the audit team makeup and also after the audit schedules have all been developed and agreed upon by you.
B)  Stage 1 -This is the first process in assessing your management system. The auditors will assess all the documents and any other related requirements as specified in the standards .You will need to accept the auditors’ assessments prior to the planning of the stage2 assessment process.This process will be carried out on site.Then, reports will be issued by the auditors as proof of the assessments that they had just carried out. This will also indicates to you the progress made in your organization during the ISO certification process. Stage 2 will be planned upon closing of all the improvement areas that have been raised during stage 1 assessment, if any, otherwise the stage 2 audit will be discussed during the end of stage 1 assessment.
C)  Pre-registration assessment- This “Pre-assessment” maybe a good optional process that you may opt for prior/after to (Stage 1).It is design to prepare you for the management system certification assessment process. During this process, areas of concern will be identified to you up front and addressed (before/after the commencement of stage 1/2.)
D)  Stage 2 - On-site management system assessment (Main Assessment). During the assessing of the management certification assessment process, the following should have taken place:
i)  The documented system has been reviewed.
ii)  A complete cycle of internal audits have been performed and the results are covered in the management review.
iii) All pre-identified weaknesses in the system has been effectively corrected and closed. The assessment will be carried out on all processes that have been defined in the management system. The assessment methodology will be through interviewing with relevance personnel, sighting through records and verifying through practices.
E) Registration of certificate. - After the successful completion of the Stage 2 auditing process,the on-site management system assessments, the recognition on the compliance of the management systems to the standard by the auditors, recommendations for certification will be forwarded for reviewing and approval by certification panel. Prior to the review and approval process, all outstanding issues will need to be fully addressed first.
The surveillance assessments will be happening on a 6 or 12 months basis. The assessment process is to determine the maintenance, inform the management organization of the latest updates and recommend continuously improvements on the management systems.
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