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  • Does Chinese purchaser need any certificate?

    According to Chinese regulations and laws, the importer have to get 《waste materials domestic consignee registration certificate》,and factory have to get 《license of registration for overseas supplier enterprise of imported solid wastes as raw materials》

  • How long is the longest time limit for customs clearance of waste materials?

    import goods permit: valid one year
    Import goods declaration date: within 14days after the transportation enter the territory.
               Custom inspection date: within 3 years after customs release.
    Customs sell by laws period: enter the territory more than 3 months and never apply to the customs

  • When importing scrap metals, both side sign an order confirmation, without a formal contract, is it ok? Does this documents having enough law effect?

    According regulations and laws of contract in China, Contract can be make in paper, oral or other ways. The order confirmation documents can show both side have business relations, but it is not official and not include quality confirmation and other details. So it is very necessary to sign a formal contract.

  • How to return the exporting goods?

    Customs build regulation laws according to the contract, for return goods should do customs clearance as back goods, provide exporting customs clearance form and return contract, invoice, loading form other detailed documents just like importing customs clearance.(detailed in Law number124,article3 part4)

  • How to regulate the floor price for waste materials?

    The price is based on auditing of customs of deal price, which includes insurance fees, transportation and so on. The deal price is affected by trading environment, customs audit the price according to actual deal price.

  • What is the customs inspection procedure for waste materials?

    Generally speaking, the customs department will print the notice form after received the application, they will inform applicator to prepare inspection. The inform form called《customs goods inspection record form》。After inspection, fill out this form and hands over to related department.

  • What laws and rules are used to waste materials importing?

    There are 13 GB laws, the full name is imported solid wastes as raw materials environmental protection control standard, 14 SN/T1791 laws for inspection and quarantine, one SN/T 0570 for radioactivity.

  • How to deal and judge the inspection &quarantine testing result?

    a. If the inspection for health, animals and plant quarantine disqualified, it should be disposed by laws and rules. If packing in woods, samples should be delivered to inspection office for pest inspecting. B, if not conformity with GB after taking environmental item inspection, CIQ will issued 《the notice form of inspection and quarantine》,at the same time, they will hand over goods to the custom and environment protection bureau.  If the goods without any problems, CIQ will issued《cargo customs clearance form》not noted: Goods above not found inconformity with environmental protection laws, quality and weighing arrived the standard line, present the quality or identity certificate. If the content in CCIC is different with field inspection, company need to be inspected again and the port inspection prevails.

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