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  • How many years of the period of validity for AQSIQ certificate? Whether need to apply for extension when expires?

    The period of validity for AQSIQ certificate shall be 3 years. Shall apply for extension in advance 3-6 months, the foreign supplier which fails to submit the extension application within the time limit automatically loses its registration qualification upon expiration of the period of validity of the certificate of registration.

  • Our company have aggregately more than 3 batches of exported waste-sourced Raw Materials where the goods fail to match certificates or the environmental protection projects are unqualified within 1 year, how to deal with?

    According to the provisions of No.98 of 2009, your company’s materials should carry out a one-hundred-percent inspection of 90 days; if found unqualified during inspection period, will disqualify the certificate.

  • For the foreign suppliers that have acquired the registration qualification, what kind of circumstances will disqualify certificate?

    The SAQSIQ shall issue a warning of grade A to and disqualify a foreign supplier which has acquired the registration qualification, if it falls within any of the following circumstances:
    (1) providing false entry certificates;
    (2) transferring the Certificate of Registration or the registration number to another enterprise;
    (3) committing a fraudulent conduct such as deception in the course of exporting Waste-sourced Raw Materials;
    (4) the environmental protection projects for exporting Waste-sourced Raw Material are extremely unqualified or there are great hazards of epidemic spread;
    (5) any of the circumstances that will trigger a warning of grade B occurs again when the foreign supplier is still being subject to a warning of grade B;
    (6) refusing to cooperate in returning a shipment;
    (7) transporting the unqualified Waste-sourced Raw Materials which have already been returned to the Mainland of China again; or
    (8) refusing to accept supervision and administration or being discovered to fail to satisfy the provisions of Article 8 of the “Measures for Supervision and Administration over Inspection and Quarantine of the Imported Solid Wastes that Can be Used as Raw Materials” (Order No. 119 of the SAQSIQ) upon subsequent on-the-spot supervision and inspection.

  • For foreign suppliers, after obtaining AQSIQ certificate, what they need to do before shipment?

    According to China’s relevant regulations, enterprises that have AQSIQ qualification shall conduct shipment inspection, and obtain CCIC certificate, then delivery to China.  

  • Does AQSIQ conduct spot inspection when apply for certification? Does they obtain charge fee? How to implement spot inspection?

    So far, all foreign suppliers of new approved registration need to conduct spot inspection within 1-2 years of obtaining registration.
    They will not obtain charge fee, but need enterprise assist assessors to transact visa procedures and provide necessary transportation and accommodation support.
    Before spot inspection, AQSIQ will inform enterprise through written notice or fax notice. AQSIQ assign professors combine supplier’s quality management system documents to inspect as “Spot Inspection Record for Registration Application of Foreign Suppliers of Imported Solid Wastes that can be used as Raw Materials”.    

  • Our company plan to export rail scrap to Chinese mainland, do we need to transact registration of foreign suppliers of waste materials?

    The scope that needs to register imported waste materials is the wastes that (except for waste ships) can be used as raw materials which listed in restricted importation directory and automatic import license directory, refer to “Supply Kinds Cover HS Code Tables for Registration of Foreign Suppliers of Imported Solid Wastes that Can be Used as Raw Materials” of “Registration Application of Foreign Suppliers of Imported Solid Wastes that Can be Used as Raw Materials”. Old rail below one meter can manage as waste materials; need to transact registration of foreign suppliers. Beyond one meter can manage and archive as old machine and electricity, specific method can consult machine and electricity department of inspection and supervision institution

  • All waste plastics can import to China, can’t they?

    No, they can’t. According to the provisions of “Environmental protection control standard for imported solid wastes as raw materials”, only can import waste and scrap of plastics that shall refer to the remnant materials, leftover materials, and inferior products produced in the manufacture and processing of plastics, and thermoplastics that has been processed and washed (in chips, blocks, granulated or powdery). Thermosetting waste plastics are prohibited.

  • If we receive “Notice of Rejection Registration” from China AQSIQ, can we reapply?

    Yes, you can. You need to submit original materials again, and emphasis on analyzing and correcting unqualified reasons of notice of rejection registration.

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