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  • Does AQSIQ have any special requirements for the pictures and plans provided by application enterprise?

    The requirements as follow: site image file (video or photos) shall show (1) enterprise name and address exterior; (2) work place of all departments; (3) each work procedure of processing place; if not complete, it’s unqualified.
    There are some labels in plans: address, size (length and width), units of measurements, if not complete, it’s unqualified; only note area, can be recognized as no dimension.

  • Did AQSIQ appoint professional body to be the agency for registration of foreign suppliers of imported waste materials? And ISO9001 certificate authority?

    AQSIQ accept all effective ISO9001 certificates, but the certificate authority must be recognized by host country office, such as China CNAS, America ANAB, Japan JAB, Korea KAB, English UKAS, Hong Kong HKAS, Germany DAR, etc.
    China AQSIQ accept the certificates that issued by Chinese certification authority.
    Whatever countries ISO9001 certificate belongs to, the business scope must state clearly their application types (such as waste and scrap of plastics, wastepaper and so on).
    In addition, need to enclose contact ways, address, and contact person information of ISO9001 certification authority, so that AQSIQ can send letters. For the ISO9001 certification authority which enterprise’s quality management system running condition do not conform its system documents of sending application materials frequently in spot inspection process, AQSIQ will not admit the quality management system certificates are issued by that relevant certification authority.
    AQSIQ have not appointed any professional body to be the agency for registration of foreign suppliers of imported waste materials and ISO9001 certificate authority, application enterprise can entrust as their own situation.

  • What kind of notarization is accepted by China AQSIQ, and how to notarize?

    AQSIQ accept Foreign Ministry notarization of supplier’s country, official notarial branch (notary public) or foreign suppliers’ business registration documents or tax registration documents that notarized by local Chinese embassy which apply for imported waste materials.
    Enterprises in Hong Kong can transact directly through qualified notary lawyer (who authorized by Chinese Ministry of Justice)  
    Business registration certificate that opened by Japanese local Office of Legal Affairs; business registration documents of paper version which opened by KAMER VAN KOOPHANDEL; business registration opened by ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) (need ASIC officers’ signature)
    Notarial content must contain: company name, address, legal person (manager) information need to show in official documents. The content should be in line with the basic information of application, and need to provide Chinese translation.
    Need to submit original notarizations and other documents at the same time (check notarizations’ period of validity)

  • What materials should be prepared for applying for AQSIQ certificate? And, how long?

    (1) a printed registration application (please refer to Annex 1) which is generated from the “System for Electronic Supervision over Inspection and Quarantine of Imported Solid Wastes that Can be Used as Raw Materials”;
    (2) the notarized taxation registration documents, and the notarized commercial registration documents (if any);
    (3) a statement regarding institutional framework, departments and post responsibilities;
    (4) the ichnography of the permanent business premise on which dimensions are marked, the ichnography of the processing site (if any), and the video files or 3 or more than 3 photographs which can comprehensively embody the actual scenes of the aforesaid premises and sites;
    (5) the color copy of the certificate of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification or the RIOS certification, and the relevant operational guides.
    The submitted written materials shall be either a text in Chinese or a text in any foreign language attached with the equivalent Chinese version.
    Generally, need three to six months from application to pass through. 

  • If a foreign supplier wants to apply for registration, what requirements should he meet?

    To apply for registration, a foreign supplier shall satisfy the following requirements:
    (1) possessing the legal operation qualification in the country (region) to which the foreign supplier belongs;
    (2) having a permanent business premise;
    (3) being familiar with and abiding by the laws, regulations and rules of China regarding inspection, quarantine and environmental protection;
    (4) having been granted the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification or the RIOS certification;
    (5) guaranteeing that the products of the foreign supplier satisfy the compulsory requirements of the national technical specifications of China as to safety, hygiene and environmental protection, which are applicable to the types of Waste-sourced Raw Materials that the supplier applies for registration;
    (6) possessing relatively stable supply sources and having the measures for control of environmental protection quality of the sources;
    (7) having no gross safety, hygiene and environmental protection problem within the latest 3 consecutive years; and
    (8) possessing the capacity to apply for registration and declare for pre-shipment inspection on the Internet, and possessing radiation detection devices and other corresponding basic facilities and inspection capacity.

  • Is there any special thing we should pay attention to, when we use the domestic consignee certification?

    If a registered Domestic Consignee cannot be contacted normally by means of telephone, fax, email or on-site visit and discrepancy in his registered information is found upon investigation, it shall be dealt with as an enterprise refusing to submit to supervision and administration after the case is publicized for 30 days by the inspection and quarantine bureau directly under GAQSIQ, which shall also revoke the registration qualification of the consignee.

  • Whether the domestic consignee certificates can be transfer to other company ?

    According to the law, the transfer of the certification is forbidden.
    If a registered Domestic Consignee is involved in any of the following situations, the inspection and quarantine bureau directly under the GAQSIQ and that issue the Registration Certificate shall revoke its registration in accordance with the provisions of Article 53 of the Regulations for the Implementation of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Inspection of Imported and Exported Commodities and shall file the record with the GAQSIQ:
    (1) Forge, alter, buy or sell the relevant certificates or use the forged or altered certificates;
    (2) Transfer the Registration Certificate or the registration number to other enterprises for their use;
    (3) The imported Waste Materials have not been delivered to the corresponding domestic utilization entity in accordance with the registration requirements, and for which the Domestic Consignee shall be held responsible;
    (4) The re-occurrence of any of the situations specified in Article 33 of these Detailed Rules during the 180-day full inspection period;
    (5) The imported Waste Materials are not returned according to the requirements of the inspection and quarantine authority;
    (6) The registered Domestic Consignee refuses to submit to supervision and administration.

  • Whether the content of the domestic consignee registration can be changed? Which apartment can the applicant file the application for change? And whether the name of the registration can be changed?

    In case of any change in the content of the registration, the Domestic Consignee shall file an application for change with and provide the corresponding materials to the inspection and quarantine bureau directly under the GAQSIQ within 30 days after the change:
    (1)In case of changes in address or legal representative, the materials specified in items 1 and 2 of Article 7 of these Detailed Rules shall be submitted;
    (2) In case of changes in the domestic utilization entity for which the applicant acts as an agent, the materials specified in items 1 and 6 of Article 7 of these Detailed Rules shall be submitted;
        The inspection and quarantine bureau directly under GAQSIQ shall decide whether to approve the change of registration within 20 working days upon the receipt of the application for the change of registration from the Domestic Consignee.
        A Domestic Consignee shall re-apply to the inspection and quarantine bureau directly under the GAQSIQ for registration in case its name is changed. In case of material change in the organization and quality management system of the Domestic Consignee, the Domestic Consignee shall submit a description of the change in a timely manner.

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